Monday, November 23, 2009

Skyzoo Should Land Immediately : The Salvation Should Save Itself

The Opener 
The first thing you notice is the extremely high production value.  The piano is beautifully played and the girls in the trio are trained somewhere.  Then the production of the track gives pause. The overall professionalism in the mixing and the technical value is top notch.  However, Skyzoo disappoints quickly with a lack of variety in his delivery and his non-descript lyrics which give very little inclination to what he’s trying to say.  He mistakes the number of words for direct correlation to what he’s actually saying.  It’s a mistake, one that I fear he’ll continue to make.  Right now, he’s just another back pack rapper.   Grade:  Subpar.

Return of the Real 
The production by Just Blaze, is a respectable Just Blaze track. It’s not the hottest he’s made but it’s a very respectable track.  However, Skyzoo continues to disappoint.  His lyrics lack what Notorious B.I.G. had, “My slow flow’s remarkable.”  Skyzoo has no cadence or flow that draws you into his lyrics.  He just raps as though late 80’s rap styles will cut it today.  Grade:  Subpar … again.

The Beautiful Decay
9th Wonder represents on a Baby Benz track.  Skyzoo spits some hood hallmarks, giving name checks to Southside, Brooklyn, and quarter waters, but it’s subpar.  There was one notable lyric (2 lines about “everything they didn’t do is everything they want to say …”) but all the other lyrics are not good.  It’s becoming painfully apparent that Skyzoo needs a hookwriter the way an Iraqi Vet needs therapy.  Grade:  Not Okay.

My Interpretation
Best Kept Secret over-produces a track, like a girl that wears too much makeup, but Skyzoo continues to fail to disappoint in his consistency of disappointing.  Just no good, all around.  Grade:  Bad.

Nottz drops a very interesting track, the right rapper could do something special with a track like this.  Skyzoo begins to do a little something on the first verse but his hook writing is subpar. He is not a hook writer.  No good.  But his flow has notably improved though, ironically, the stripped down yet sophisticated beat which has allowed Sky to ‘flow’ has exposed another weakness in his game … CONTENT.  What the hell is this kid talking about?   Grade: No bueno.


Okay, I’m done.  Five bad tracks in a row is where it stops.  There are eleven more tracks on this album but this is a TKO.  Buy this album at your own risk, like smoking cigarettes.  If you care about your ears, don’t buy.  Or don’t buy period. 

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