Monday, December 7, 2009

Malik -- Moonlighting the Songwriter Mixtape: A Lesson About Mixtapes


This mixtape is the perfect example of a rapper with talent but who doesn’t edit himself.  Let’s not get it twisted.  Malik can rap.  He has a respectable flow.  It’s not the Mississippi River but it isn’t a lake either.  It’s a solidly reliable flow laced with a solid variety of punch lines.  His delivery is respectable as well, enunciating clearly, allowing the listener to actually listen.  Imagine that.  Unfortunately, there are some major flaws which detract the listener as well.  

He titles his mixtape I’m Not A Singer.  He is not.  So he should stop trying. His singing is an annoyance that detracts from his rapping.  He is new to the game and cheapens his brand by trying to broaden it prematurely.  Next, he has too many tracks on this mixtape.  20 tracks from a new artist?  Ummmm, no please.  Take a tip from Brother Ali, 9 hot tracks please.  No more are necessary.  So take the twenty.  Pick the hottest nine.  Cut all the extra-talking on the album out … it comes across as insecure … and let your lyrics speak for themselves. 

Single:  Uptowns

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